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Retirement Resource Center


Helping families make sound financial decisions

leading up to and living in retirement.

    The Mission of "The Retirement Resource Center" is to educate families about retirement concerns.

  1. They are afraid they don't have enough money to last a lifetime.
  2. They are concerned about health care cost
  3. They are worried about inflation and how much things will cost in 5, 10,15, or 20 years.
  4. They are concerned about the stock market and how it will affect their investments.
  5. They don't understand their 401K  plan.
  6. They are afraid they will lose the pension they have worked for all of their life.
  7. They are concerned about Social Security and Medicare.
  8. They are afraid of being "Sold" products they don't understand.


We teach families strategies to help them....

  • Maximize 401K Opportunities
  • Reduce Risk with Appropriate Allocation
  • Rollover 401K and Take Income Distributions
  • Manage Savings and Investments to Make your Money Last
  • Weather Poor Market Performance
  • Manage Taxes and Outpace Inflation
  • Plan for Health Care Needs
  • Provide for the "Surviving Spouse"
  • Make Provisions for Distributing Assets to Beneficiaries

Asset allocation does not guarantee a profit or protection from losses in a declining market.  Securities America and its' representatives do not provide tax or legal advice.  Consult a qualified professional for tax advice specific to your situation.